Dolphingirl ~ aka ~ Dove Joans

Eco-activist, actor, host, director, filmmaker, producer, animal communicator, photographer, and artist.

Acted in TV, films, and commercials.

Writer: published articles, books, and blogger.

Recent productions: Through the Dolphins’ Eyes, Free Morgan PSA, What’s Cool about Dolphins, and We are Water Spirit - a finalist in the Australian Flickerfest’s Byron All Shorts, and North American Premiere @ the Nashville Film Festival, April, 2013.

Filming Adventures

SAG Eligible

Height: 5'6", Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Hazel, Weight: 112


3DR Solo (Launch Film) - Lead Hero Astronut - 3D Robotics

Anacapa - Mom - Nicholas Tolkien

True Files - Lead/ Heroine - John LaMond

Bedazzled - Cocktail Girl - Harold Ramis

Steal Big, Steal Little - Featured Extra - Andy Davis

The Crusader - News Reporter - Mind Crime Films

Coffee with Tulip - Art Teacher - Steve Hobbs


Nashville - Mom - ABC

UnderCovers - Art Patron - NBC

1,000 Ways to Die - 70s Nurse - Spike TV

500 Nations - Indian Priestess - CBS

C.M.T. Most Wanted - Announcer/Audience - MTV

Talk of the Town - Model - CBS


Once there was a War/ Various Characters/ Steinbeck Center

The Cycle/ Improv/ Ideaprov


Harraways/ Mum - Digital Maters/National

Advair/ Mother - Lankford Films/National

Schwinn Electric Bikes/ Biker - Cannodale Sports/Industrial

Billy Graham/ Homeless Woman - Yakes Productions/Regional

Reinhardt Lexus/ Mother - Blue Horizon Pic/Regional

Revlon/ Sheryl Crow Fan - Moo Productions/National

Dialysis Center/ Nurse - DCI Productions/Industrial

GM. Corvette/ Hi-Tech Operator - Chicago Pacific/National

Honda Motorcycles/ Bike Model - Fran Kuhn/Industrial

Lincoln Mercury/ Golfer - Reel Productions/Regional

TriStar Medical/ Waitress - GoFaster Films/National

S.C.U./ Business Woman - Blue Horizon Pics./Regional

U.S. Military/ Tortured Soul - FilmHouse/Industrial

Music Videos

Honky Tonk U - Toby Keith - DreamWorks/Picture Vision

Broken Heartsville - Joe Nichols - Universal South/Picture Vision

Jesus & Bartenders Hear it All - Sonny Burgess - Cowgirl Prod/Videoboy

What a Beautiful Day - Chris Cagle - Capital/The Collective

Print Ads

Pacifica Institute - Print Catalog - Santa Barbara

Lifeway - Print Magazine Cover - Nashville

Cumberland Heights - Print Catalog - Nashville

Novaris- Print Catalog - Nashville

University of Maryland - Print Catalog - Nashville

Pacific Leisure - Print Ad - Santa Barbara


Rene' Naufahu/ Screen Acting intensives/ Auckland

Actors Workshop/ Steve Flannigan/ Nashville

Film Actors Resident Program/ Charles Tuthill/ Maine

Directing Actors for Camera/ Barry Primus/ Maine

Acting Intensives and Classes/ Darryl Hickman/ L.A.

Vocal Lessons/ Phoebe Binkley/ Nashville

Voice Training/ Fred de Marseille/ L.A.

Special Skills

Animal Talker, Archery, Biker-Motor & Pedal, Conversational Italian & French, Dancer - Swing/Hip, Dialects - Australian, English, Southern, Asian, & Urban, Healing Arts, Hosting, Golfer, Designer, Painting/Sculpting, Ping-Pong, Ride & Whisper a Horse, Scuba, Ski- Snow & Water, Soccer, Soulfully Sing, Swim w' Wild Dolphins, Tennis, Writer, Work with physically challenged Children, Ukulele, Yoga, Lover of Adventure!


"What if the dolphins and whales left before we became friends?
Like a piece of our souls leaving the seas forever"... dove joans, 2012

Dove Joans would like to thank all the world citizens who helped support the NZ Maui's "campaign", especialy with the video, "Through the Dolphins' Eyes" and the Visual Petitions!!

We presented over 4,800 "VP" to the NZ government on November 12th, 2012.

Please continue giving the world's rarest and smallest dolphin a voice before it's too late!