"Nature is part of our humanity, and without some awareness of that divine mystery man ceases to be man."

"We need ... a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals... In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time..."

~ Henry Beston, naturalist and father of the modern environmental movement

"I am Dolphin"... a sacred adventure in modern times!

"What do dolphins, ancient cultures, & modern man all have in common?" Join this incredible journey to explore these mysteries!
Imagine "Avatar" blended with "The Cove"... a redemptive and inspiring journey of hope and discovery through our human connection to dolphins and the seas, often from the dolphin’s perspective and world view.


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 An invitation to the making of...

"We are Water Spirit"... making dreamtime a reality!

"Out of Australian dreamtime, a modern day Aboriginal Elder shares ancient stories of who we really are.  With your help, we can help spread this time-less message of ocean guardianship and care to audiences worldwide"

An Ocean of gratitude to all the film's supporters!

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"Sea and Cetacean Love"

What about the emergency of "dolphin extinction" do the NZ councils and government not get?

Especially the number of "55" and only found in NZ waters?

On June of this year I traveled to Nelson, NZ "to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves"..(Jane Goodall)

When I returned back to Byron Bay, Australia after my 3 day trip to New Zealand, the Ric O'Barry's "Dolphin Project" asked me to write a blog on my trip to Nelson:


Sent to me on August 7th, 2012...here's Nelson Council's LONG TERM plan 2012-22 submissions and decisions in response:

"Thank you for submission seeking Council support for protecting the Maui and Hector’s dolphins.  We received 29 written submissions about this issue and Council discussed the presentation made to Council by Dove Joans and others. Council understands that Maui and Hector’s dolphins are not resident in Tasman Bay waters, but do pass through occasionally. While Council notes that the issue of protection of endangered species is the responsibility of Government, Council will be exploring integrated management of Tasman Bay as part of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement in 2014-16. In the meantime the Nelson Resource Management Plan has a range of rules that limit coastal development and disturbance of the sea bed."

And yes, the important genetics report was given to me by Auckland's coastal specialist, Bill Trusewich, which I gave to the Nelson Council in June of this year and also highlighted in my presentation to them... briefly it states "the importance of protecting the wildlife corridor between the South and North Island, as the flow from the Hector's into the Maui's habitat could mean survival of the Maui's genome."

Sadly, they seemed to underplay the importance of the dolphins' existence, which I find quite odd!

There's Hector dolphins on both sides of their "Nelson region", and their region is primarily a port, hence why the dolphins probably don't have a "home" there w' all the boat traffic.. logical reasoning I'm guessing. Besides Bill offering important information on the wildlife corridor between the No. & So. Islands., now Dr. Liz Slooten brings it up in her "protection" recommendation: Here's her article debate...

Real facts on dolphins
OPINION:: I welcome Keith Mawson's suggestion to have an "informed debate based on facts" (Dolphin facts belie net ban, TDN July 17). ... Read More

I am Dolphin

"What IF we were able to experience moments of a "dolphin state?" How would that be helping ourselves and our planet? Read more...

Dolphin Island Secrets!

“a journey to our ancient past… joining our communities and cultures… and saving our seas" Read more...

Shiloh's dolphin gift!

This eco-art gift is to celebrate Shiloh's connection to the dolphins, and his 1st birthday on this blue planet we all call home! Read more...

"Dreamin Down Under"

A "Mermaid with a Porpoise!"... Eco-artist Dove Joans presents new paintings, photography, and recycled mixed media from adventures in Australia and New Zealand. Special live Didgeridoo music and 20% of sales benefits Surfrider and a local wild birds of prey rescue, “Eyes in the Sky”. Currently the Artist in Resident at The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara, teaching environmental awareness through art to ages 6-17. Opening is: Thursday, January 10th, 6pm- 8pm At: Reds Wine Bar 211 Helena Ave, Santa Barbara, California 93101 Read more...

Help Free Morgan!

Animal activists and ocean advocates stand together in this PSA to help free Morgan, a young female orca being held in captivity! She is still in captivity... Read more...

"What if the dolphins and whales left before we became friends?
Like a piece of our souls leaving the seas forever"... dove joans, 2012

Dove Joans would like to thank all the world citizens who helped support the NZ Maui's "campaign", especialy with the video, "Through the Dolphins' Eyes" and the Visual Petitions!!

We presented over 4,800 "VP" to the NZ government on November 12th, 2012.

Please continue giving the world's rarest and smallest dolphin a voice before it's too late!