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"Memoirs of Mermaid" sneak peaks!

"A journey of accidental inspiration when a suburban girl from a broken childhood discovers the language of love through talking with dolphins".

Memoirs of a Mermaid follows the transformational adventures of an unlikely suburban girl into a world of dolphins, sea-secrets, and the unspoken language of the heart.

As if a mermaid discovered one day she was living inside the body of a young woman who never really grows up..

An odd life to pursue really, for a semi-land based creature, yet what she had with dolphins was a genuine love and friendship.

Are we talking, “Animal talk?”

It’s a possibility of communication within each of us…

The answer to those questions can be found swimming between the compassionate waves of this mermaid’s story.

And sea-quels (sequels) to come.

Mermaid musings...

Do mermaids make love?
What languages do dolphins speak in?
How can we save the seas?



art work "heart seed" by Becci Zillig -2012


I am Dolphin

Beneath the waves of holographic communications

My Porpoise in Life

If your heart was speaking... what would your real "purpose in life" be? Read more...

Shine and Be Kind!

Empowering the younger generation and individuals to be a vital part of the “kindness movement”, with "waves" of loving our blue planet! Read more...

Dolphin Talk

Is communicating with dolphins easy?

A rare artist...

Back in 2003, I had a beautiful encounter.. to be photographed by a rare legendary artist.. Arnold Newman. Read more...

the blind owl flew to me


"What if the dolphins and whales left before we became friends?
Like a piece of our souls leaving the seas forever"... dove joans, 2012

Dove Joans would like to thank all the world citizens who helped support the NZ Maui's "campaign", especialy with the video, "Through the Dolphins' Eyes" and the Visual Petitions!!

We presented over 4,800 "VP" to the NZ government on November 12th, 2012.

Please continue giving the world's rarest and smallest dolphin a voice before it's too late!