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Life's full of moments and memories... a holographic wave we're all riding.

Much like "dreamtime", a realm nature, nonhumans, and humans are actively participating and interacting on.  This is a place and space where magical stories unfold. At times, they might feel like rainbows shinning, while others times we find ourselves falling into a tornardo... out of control, chaotic, and nothing making sense... Whoa horsey!

Maybe those expereinces are helping our hearts. Stretching to feel others... in their pain, in their journey, in their love.

The arts are super cool, and have been such a blessing in my life. Acting, filmming, photography, writing, sculpting, painting, and music.

Let's move one another to think or act differently, so together we can make better mo’ better!

I am the oceans, I am the animals, I am nature.

And life wouldn't be the same without my family and friends, thank God. May we all look up to the stars or into the oceans, and believe miracles do exist... now and forever.

  • NEW crowd-sourcing campaign launch sharing the groundbreaking scientific discoveries in "I am Dolphin" Educational Series! Please make a difference by supporting and sharing:
  • Taking "photo petitions" globally for the "Let's Face It Dolphins" campaign, helping to save the world’s smallest dolphin from extinction, the NZ Maui’s!  Over 2,000 so far...
  • Created limited edition steel sea-art sculptures (2012) - found on the Art Talk page.
  • In developmental stages with "We are the Ocean", an extended version of “Eco-Pioneers - Making a World of Difference”, a reality-style travel TV show featuring Hosts "Dolphingirl" (Dove Joans) and co-host to be...

Jean-Michel Cousteau is on the Ocean Council, and other ocean advocates joining. The hosts will take the audience on adventures visiting global "hot spots" to promote ocean custodianship and planetary care, all in entertaining and quirky approaches - look out for updates coming soon!


"By saving a dolphin, we are saving ourselves"

Those that know me, know that dolphins are some of my "best-friends"... Dolphingirl

“Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet.” ~ Buckminster Fuller, early environmental activist and futurist

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

Dolphin Talk: How we can talk with dolphins in 5 easy steps

Dolphin Talk: How we can talk with dolphins in 5 easy steps

"What if the dolphins and whales left before we became friends?
Like a piece of our souls leaving the seas forever"... dove joans, 2012

Dove Joans would like to thank all the world citizens who helped support the NZ Maui's "campaign", especialy with the video, "Through the Dolphins' Eyes" and the Visual Petitions!!

We presented over 4,800 "VP" to the NZ government on November 12th, 2012.

Please continue giving the world's rarest and smallest dolphin a voice before it's too late!